We Believe in

Superhuman Powers & Basic Human Rights.

We’re working on a set of software tools and a revolutionary new type of computer that give people the power to triumph over digital chaos, defend against digital exploitation, and powerfully create in ways they’ve never been able to before.

“Bicycles for the Mind” was great in 1970. Now it’s time for Spaceships for the Mind.

Here’s to the really crazy ones...


Bedrock - Concierge Service
Get A Digital Private Island

We help High Net-Worth Individuals collect all their personal and work information and organize it in a super-secure, perfectly organized personal database so they can better manage their estate and assets while saving money and reducing stress.

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Bedrock - SpaceBrowser


Multiplayer Dataspace Work Environment

For teams & knowledge workers. Based on our upcoming SpaceOS, the SpaceBrowser is an integrated workspace environment where you can easily browse information spaces--whether your company’s, your own personal information space, or the internet--and fluidly create.

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Bedrock - Base One

Base I +

Bedrock - SpaceOS
World’s First Personal, Private Supercomputer

A new computing experience for High-powered Knowledge Workers and the people they work with. Designed to be blazing fast, run monster workloads totally uninhibited, ultra secure, private by design, fluidly poweruser friendly, and stunningly beautiful in its simplicity and elegance.